Draft List


The What: The 2013 Playoff Draft List will make the drafting process for your playoff pool very, very easy. You enter the teams you think will win (or you can use Dobber's selections), and the list generates custom rankings specific to your selections.


For the eighth year in a row, Dobber has you covered - all the player injury notes, their anticipated rate of production - all sortable by team, by name or by points. Use Dobber's own draft list, or create your own with his formulas. It's simple - select the team coming out of each bracket and work your way to the Final. Once done, sort it however you like, print it and you're all set. Take a look at several scenarios, run it as often as you like!



The Why: Takes the work away when putting together your draft list. Dobber has full projections for all 16 playoff teams based on how far you think they will advance. There are also up-to-date notes and news relating to ice time, injuries, and other fantasy-relevant factors that affect production.


The When: Now!


A snapshot preview:




The How: You can pick up the guide by following this link.




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