Olympic Fantasy Hockey - DobberHockey Style. Free pool!

Ladies and gentlemen, the long February of discontent is coming. After February 8, there will be no more fantasy hockey, right? Wrong! Thanks to the guys from Officepools, we have something for you. Welcome to the DobberHockey Olympic Fantasy Box Pool. Granted, it is a long title but fantasy knows no bounds, not even for the Olympics. This time of year is perfect to use that head to make a little more bread. Why? There will be prizes in this box pool competition of course.


Rules And Scoring:

Everything has rules and regulations unfortunately. That is how life goes. First of all, there are 15 boxes and five choices per box. The categories break down as follows:


8 Forward Lines

1 Wildcard Forward Line

1 Energy Forward Line

4 Defense Lines

1 Team Goaltending Lines


Again all a person has to do is pick 14 players and a country. Needless to say choose wisely because luck plays a big role in who wins this type of pool. There is a little of something in each box that adds some intrigue.



Goals -- 1 pt

Assists -- 1 pt

Game Winning Goals -- 1 pt

Hat Tricks -- 1 pt



Team Goaltending:

Wins -- 1 pt

OT Wins -- 0.5 pts

Shutouts -- 1 pt

Medal bonus: Gold -- 3 pts, Silver -- 2 pts, Bronze -- 1 pt


As noted above, the point structure should be self-explanatory but it does give an idea of how a person may want to strategize. This is going to be different, but most importantly it will be fun. Now you are going to wonder just what you are playing for. Let’s get into that.


Ladies and gentlemen, the Top 3 in scoring will win:

1. A free Officepools playoff manager service. Put your playoff pool in, and Officepools will cover the fee!

2. A free DobberHockey Ultimate Fantasy Pack. YES! The UFP is being brought back after a two-year hiatus! The Ultimate Fantasy Pack includes the Fantasy Guide, the Prospects Report and the 2015 Interactive Playoff Draft List.

3. As a further bonus, get this year’s playoff list (not part of the 2014-15 UFP) as well!


So what the heck are you waiting for? Just go over to the Officepools Winter Games site and register. The fun begins February 12. We want to see you there. So get to those computers, click on the link, make a team, and then wait for the Olympics. Let’s go!

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