With the Band-Aid Boys list being such a huge help in terms of guiding you in your fantasy leagues, it only makes sense to also identify the habitual streaky players. Thanks to reader feedback, we’ve cobbled together a pretty good name for these guys – the Windex Wonders.




These are the guys who will drive you bananas. There is no need to steer clear of them on draft day, because the end result will still meet most projections. But getting to that final number will have you pulling your hair. You’ll be patting yourself on the back for drafting a superstar as he notches 12 points in eight games. Then you’ll be cursing yourself for not trading him when he was hot as he gets mired in a seven-game pointless drought. This list is to help you not get too excited when these players catch fire – and by the same token not to panic when they cool off.



While it is possible to add rookies and sophomores to the Band-Aid Boy list due to some of their previous injuries, the Windex Wonders are generally players who have been in the league for several years and have established a pattern habit of hot/cold runs. There are different levels of streakiness. Some will go on three-game hot then cold runs. Some will go 20 hot, 10 cold. But count on these guys to get their points in bunches.




Windex Wonders








Retired, member of the Board – Kristian Huselius

Member of the Board - Alex Frolov

Member of the Board - Nik Zherdev

Member of the Board - Andrei Kostitsyn


President, CEO - Mikko Koivu


Vice President, Window Streaks – Rene Bourque


Vice President, "Where is he? Oh, there he is!" - Martin Erat


Secretary of crap to start, gold to finish – Tom Gilbert


Windex Wonders Treasurer – Tomas Fleischmann














Windex Wonders


Jeff Carter
Ryane Clowe
Brandon Dubinsky
Tyler Ennis
Martin Erat
Eric Fehr
Johan Franzen
Michael Frolik
Marian Gaborik
Sam Gagner
Tom Gilbert
Curtis Glencross
Alex Goligoski
Mikhail Grabovski
Milan Hejduk
Patric Hornqvist
Nathan Horton
Jussi Jokinen
Sergei Kostitsyn
Brooks Laich
Milan Lucic
Clarke MacArthur
Milan Michalek
Matt Moulson
Joe Pavelski
Bobby Ryan
Michael Ryder
Mikael Samuelsson
Alex Semin
Kevin Shattenkirk
Jason Spezza
Matt Stajan
Alex Steen
Jonathan Toews
Thomas Vanek
Antoine Vermette
Jakub Voracek
Radim Vrbata
Stephen Weiss
Wojtek Wolski
Henrik Zetterberg





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