Just when you thought it couldn't get any better - it just did. For my fifth installment of the Interactive Playoff Draft List I did the unthinkable.


I took the old kick-ass template and clicked "delete".


I can do better.


Better than kick-ass, you wonder? Yes.


Instead, what I did was create a playoff tree, with dropboxes for each team in each round that you can choose - all the way through to the Final. Each round that a team wins, the games played prediction for the players increase - multiply that with my own analysis of what I think that player's points-per-game will be and "voila", you have the makings of a draft list. I adjusted for injuries, as well as past playoff performance and any Simon Gagne-like late-season surges.




As you can see, the selection menu is clean and simple - dropboxes for each team Too complicated? Then just click that button on the bottom "See Dobber's" and you will then see my personal draft list. Still too complicated? Then please note the "instructions" button that will go over everything in detail.


Not complicated enough? Then let me draw your attention to the bottom right corner where you can manually add more games to a team if needed and you have the option to include goaltenders. There are also sort options - by name, by points, or by team: all at the push of a button.




Here is a screenshot of the list, minus some of my cutouts. Note in the top right corner you can hide the menu of the playoff tree, or unhide it. Whatever you like. You have my predicted games played (based on your picks), predicted points, and relevant notes in the far right column. All injuries are noted and accounted for.


For nine bucks you can't go wrong. Hell, if you spent another 10 bucks, you can just buy your own trophy. I'll save you that 10 bucks and just help you earn the trophy.


You have an older version of Excel? Not to worry, your purchase also includes this in Excel 97-03. Fool-proof!


I don't have to tell you to go kick some ass in this year's pool. Buy this Draft List now and you are already destined to.





Why is this better than the free lists that are available? I answer that question HERE.



One thing - you need to have macros enabled. Don't know how to do that? Let me show you:


Playoff List


The only thing this doesn't do is wash your car. And I blame Microsoft for that, because I tried my best to set up a macro to do that very thing, but it wouldn't take. But hell, with your winnings you can just pay for several car washes!


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