Make a deal with the Devils to help win your pool.


Here are some teams to target and avoid for the next week or two, several players to target that may be available in your league as well as teams that play a light schedule in the upcoming week.


New Jersey Devils = Target


Games: 6 (4H/2A)

Favorable Matchups:

    - vs. Washington

        > 8th worst defensive team

        > 4th most shots allowed per game

        > 16 goals allowed in last four games (4.00 GAA)

    - @ Ottawa

        > 2nd worst defensive team

        > 8th worst penalty kill

        > 2nd most shots allowed per game

    - vs. NY Islanders

        > 3rd worst defensive team

        > 2nd worst penalty kill

        > Evgeni Nabokov: 2.82 GAA / .904 SV% & Anders Nilsson: 3.17 GAA / .892 SV%


The Devils are fighting for their playoff lives and actually have the schedule to potentially pull off a miracle run to sneak into the playoffs.  Their upcoming schedule includes: Washington, Carolina, Calgary, Ottawa, NY Islanders and Boston.  Boston is the only playoff team on this list with Washington being one point ahead of New Jersey, Ottawa two points back and Carolina three points back.  Jaromir Jagr has carried the team the entire year, I see no reason why he won’t continue defying age and being a strong producer for the last week and a half of the season.  Patrik Elias has been consistent with Travis Zajac and Ryane Clowe suddenly turning things on as well.


Columbus Blue Jackets = Consider


Games: 6 (3H/3A)

Favorable Matchups:

    - vs. NY Islanders

        > See above

    - vs. Phoenix

        > 6th worst penalty kill

        > 7th most shots allowed per game

        > Haven’t heard any news on Mike Smith’s return

    - @ Florida

        > 4th worst defensive team

        > Worst penalty kill

        > 8th most shots allowed per game


The Blue Jackets are currently sitting in a playoff spot and have plenty to play for in their last six games of the season.  They won’t have a super easy schedule as they face teams like Chicago and Tampa Bay who already have playoff spots clinched but Phoenix and Dallas are both susceptible to goals (although both are battling for a playoff spot too) and the Islanders and Panthers are an opposing fantasy owners dream.  I’d expect to see Ryan Johansen and Brandon Dubinsky lead this team to a playoff berth.


Calgary Flames = Beware


Games: 5 (2H/3A)

Unfavorable Matchups:

    - @ New Jersey

        > 8th best defensive team

        > Best penalty kill

        > Fewest shots allowed per game

    - vs. Los Angeles

        > Best defensive team

        > 3rd fewest shots allowed per game

        > Seven goals allowed the past four games (1.75 GAA)

    - @ Vancouver

        > 10th best penalty kill

        > 8th fewest shots allowed per game

        > 15 goals allowed in past six games (2.50 GAA)


The Flames are not making the playoffs, everyone knows it.  After scoring eight goals against Edmonton in one game, Calgary has only managed 12 goals in their next five for a 2.40 goals per game average.  What offense they do get appears to be really spread out with nine different players putting up four points or more in the past two weeks.  So some nights it could be Mike Cammalleri and Mikael Backlund putting up a couple points, or it could be Curtis Glencross and Matt Stajan.  You just never seem to know, but with only five games remaining and Florida being the only really weak team on their schedule, I’d explore other options if I could (note: Calgary does have a light day schedule for the upcoming Monday to Sunday week, so keep that in mind).


Winnipeg Jets = Avoid


Games: 4 (2H/2A)

Unfavorable Matchups:

    - vs. Minnesota

        > 6th best defensive team

        > 5th fewest shots allowed per game

        > Ilya Bryzgalov: 1.50 GAA / .932 SV% in two games since taking over for Darcy Kuemper

    - vs. Boston

        > 2nd best defensive team

        > 7th best penalty kill

        > Only two games in all of March where a Boston goaltender had a save percentage under .909


The Jets are one of five teams that only have four games remaining going into Friday.  After Toronto, Winnipeg faces two strong defensive squads in Minnesota and then Boston.  They then finish the season with Calgary who is so-so when it comes to defense, in my opinion.  Outside of Bryan Little and Blake Wheeler, the rest of the Jets team has been a huge disappointment the past couple weeks (especially Dustin Byfuglien, Evander Kane and Andrew Ladd).  Unless it’s a keeper league, you can probably just cut some of these guys loose and maximize your games played elsewhere.



Possible Pickups

Here’s a list of some players, owned in less than 30% of Yahoo leagues, to target for the upcoming Monday to Sunday schedule.


New Jersey: Travis Zajac (10%) – Hat trick (and assist) last week and rides shotgun with ageless wonder that is Jagr.  Really good in the faceoff circle too, if your league tracks that stat.


Vancouver: Alex Burrows (14%) – The offensive situation in Vancouver is a mess right now but when Burrows isn’t scoring, he’s getting booted out of games.


Tampa Bay: Alex Killorn (14%) – Two goals in his past three games with ten shots on goal.  On Tyler Johnson’s wing at even strength and the power play.


Ottawa: Milan Michalek (14%) – Four goals, ten hits and 11 shots in his past four games.  His stats would be better if Jason Spezza would play.


Columbus: Artem Anisimov (8%) – Two points, +1, 2 PIM, 16 faceoff wins and 12 shots in his last three games.



Light Day Targets

Want to know what teams to target based on their schedule landing on light days for the upcoming Monday to Sunday schedule?


Week: Monday, April 7th through Sunday, April 13th


Monday: 6 teams

Tuesday: 20 teams

Wednesday: 10 teams

Thursday: 22 teams

Friday: 14 teams

Saturday: 18 teams

Sunday: 20 teams


The season ends with six consecutive double-digit teams in action days including a busy 10-night Sunday to cap off the season.


So what teams have a good schedule for the light days?










Calgary Flames








Anaheim Ducks








New Jersey Devils








Columbus Blue Jackets









Friday, April 4 to Thursday, April 10

Best Bets

Florida (4.41) - 4 Games: CGY, DAL, PHI, TOR

New Jersey (4.30) - 4 Games: WSH, @CAR, CGY, @OTW

Montreal (4.30) - 4 Games: @OTW, DET, @CHI, NYI

Columbus (4.26) - 4 Games: CHI, NYI, PHX, @DAL

Dallas (4.20) - 4 Games: @TB, @FLA, NSH, CBJ

Steer Clear

San Jose (2.01) - 2 Games: NSH, @ANH

Chicago (2.79) - 3 Games: @CBJ, STL, MTL

Calgary (2.84) - 3 Games: @FLA, @NJ, LA

Pittsburgh (2.86) - 3 Games: @MIN, @COL, DET

Winnipeg (2.88) - 3 Games: @TOR, MIN, BOS

Saturday, April 5 to Friday, April 11

Best Bets

Dallas (5.09) - 5 Games: @TB, @FLA, NSH, CBJ, STL

NY Islanders (5.02) - 5 Games: WSH, @CBJ, OTW, @MTL, @NJ

St. Louis (4.91) - 5 Games: COL, @CHI, WSH, @MIN, @DAL

Colorado (4.70) - 5 Games: @STL, PIT, @EDM, @VAN, @SJ

New Jersey (4.41) - 4 Games: @CAR, CGY, @OTW, NYI

Steer Clear

Phoenix (1.95) - 2 Games: @CBJ, @NSH

Nashville (2.81) - 3 Games: @SJ, @DAL, PHX

Chicago (2.84) - 3 Games: STL, MTL, @WSH

Calgary (2.85) - 3 Games: @NJ, LA, WPG

Buffalo (2.86) - 3 Games: @PHI, DET, @NYR

Sunday, April 6 to Saturday, April 12

Best Bets

Columbus (5.25) - 5 Games: NYI, PHX, @DAL, @TB, @FLA

Florida (4.31) - 4 Games: DAL, PHI, TOR, CBJ

Dallas (4.14) - 4 Games: @FLA, NSH, CBJ, STL

Philadelphia (4.10) - 4 Games: BUF, @FLA, @TB, @PIT

Edmonton (3.94) - 4 Games: ANH, COL, LA, VAN

Steer Clear

Minnesota (2.78) - 3 Games: @WPG, BOS, STL

Washington (2.81) - 3 Games: @STL, @CAR, CHI

Phoenix (2.84) - 3 Games: @CBJ, @NSH, SJ

Calgary (2.85) - 3 Games: @NJ, LA, WPG

Winnipeg (2.88) - 3 Games: MIN, BOS, @CGY

Monday, April 7 to Sunday, April 13

Best Bets

New Jersey (4.35) - 4 Games: CGY, @OTW, NYI, BOS

Vancouver (4.34) - 4 Games: ANH, COL, @EDM, CGY

Tampa Bay (4.25) - 4 Games: TOR, PHI, CBJ, @WSH

Ottawa (4.15) - 4 Games: @NYI, NJ, TOR, @PIT

Columbus (4.04) - 4 Games: PHX, @DAL, @TB, @FLA

Steer Clear

Winnipeg (2.88) - 3 Games: MIN, BOS, @CGY

San Jose (2.90) - 3 Games: @ANH, COL, @PHX

Chicago (2.94) - 3 Games: MTL, @WSH, @NSH

Edmonton (2.94) - 3 Games: COL, LA, VAN

NY Rangers (3.06) - 3 Games: CAR, BUF, @MTL

Tuesday, April 8 to Monday, April 14

Best Bets

Tampa Bay (4.25) - 4 Games: TOR, PHI, CBJ, @WSH

Ottawa (4.15) - 4 Games: @NYI, NJ, TOR, @PIT

Columbus (4.04) - 4 Games: PHX, @DAL, @TB, @FLA

NY Islanders (4.01) - 4 Games: OTW, @MTL, @NJ, @BUF

Philadelphia (4.00) - 4 Games: @FLA, @TB, @PIT, CAR

Steer Clear

Winnipeg (1.94) - 2 Games: BOS, @CGY

Anaheim (2.70) - 3 Games: SJ, @LA, COL

Minnesota (2.89) - 3 Games: BOS, STL, NSH

Calgary (2.89) - 3 Games: LA, WPG, @VAN

San Jose (2.90) - 3 Games: @ANH, COL, @PHX

Wednesday, April 9 to Tuesday, April 15

Best Bets

Vancouver (3.35) - 3 Games: COL, @EDM, CGY

Pittsburgh (3.31) - 3 Games: DET, PHI, OTW

New Jersey (3.19) - 3 Games: @OTW, NYI, BOS

Los Angeles (3.18) - 3 Games: @CGY, @EDM, ANH

Montreal (3.10) - 3 Games: @CHI, NYI, NYR

Steer Clear

Edmonton (1.89) - 2 Games: LA, VAN

Winnipeg (1.94) - 2 Games: BOS, @CGY

Minnesota (2.00) - 2 Games: STL, NSH

NY Rangers (2.01) - 2 Games: BUF, @MTL

Toronto (2.19) - 2 Games: @FLA, @OTW

Thursday, April 10 to Wednesday, April 16

Best Bets

Vancouver (3.35) - 3 Games: COL, @EDM, CGY

New Jersey (3.19) - 3 Games: @OTW, NYI, BOS

Tampa Bay (3.10) - 3 Games: PHI, CBJ, @WSH

Ottawa (3.06) - 3 Games: NJ, TOR, @PIT

Boston (3.06) - 3 Games: @WPG, BUF, @NJ

Steer Clear

Anaheim (1.81) - 2 Games: @LA, COL

Dallas (1.84) - 2 Games: STL, @PHX

Detroit (1.86) - 2 Games: CAR, @STL

Edmonton (1.89) - 2 Games: LA, VAN

Winnipeg (1.94) - 2 Games: BOS, @CGY

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