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Top 100 NHL Goalies to own in a keeper league - January edition


If two goalies are in the same tier, consider their value equal. As I've said all along - two goalies within 5.0 rating points from each other should be considered equal, but based on feedback readers were not doing that. Enjoy the new tier system and for those who like to split hairs...the ratings value was left in place.



The following is a list of the Top 25 goaltenders to own in your fantasy pool - get the full TOP 100 list - FREE - over at The Goalie Post




Based on your feedback, I've divided the tiers further - there are now eight tiers instead of seven, with more split in the Top 50, to give you a better handle on the different levels of fantasy value among the goalies. It's an ever-changing world - I could do these rankings daily, it seems







Jan 20 Goalie Team Rating Dec 20 Tier
1 Marc-Andre Fleury PIT 110.4 2 1
2 Carey Price MTL 110.1 1 1
3 Pekka Rinne NSH 106.8 4 1
4 Tuukka Rask BOS 105.3 3 1
5 Henrik Lundqvist NYR 105.1 5 1
6 Frederik Andersen ANA 102.0 10 1
7 Braden Holtby WAS 101.4 11 1
8 Ben Bishop TB 100.4 7 1
9 Jaroslav Halak NYI 100.3 12 1
10 Corey Crawford CHI 99.6 8 1
11 Jonathan Quick LA 99.6 6 1
12 Sergei Bobrovsky CBJ 95.9 9 1
13 Antti Niemi SJ 94.6 13 2
14 Cory Schneider NJ 92.0 14 2
15 Ryan Miller VAN 91.5 17 2
16 Kari Lehtonen DAL 90.4 16 2
17 Jimmy Howard DET 90.0 15 2
18 Roberto Luongo FLA 88.6 18 2
19 Brian Elliott STL 86.0 21 2
20 Steve Mason PHI 83.6 19 2
21 Craig Anderson OTT 82.4 23 3
22 Jonathan Bernier TOR 80.6 24 3
23 Jake Allen STL 79.6 20 3
24 Cam Ward CAR 77.8 25 3
25 Semyon Varlamov COL 77.1 27 2






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Advice - How you use the above tiered system will depend on your league rules - both in terms of categories, the amount of keepers you own, and how many goalies must be active, as well as how big your roster is and how many owners are in your league. But the key is to shoot for as many goalies in as high a tier as you can.





-1 #11 redbridgeroad 2015-01-20 20:45
I'm in a keeper league that only allows 8 keepers with a max of 1 goalie (remaining players available via draft) well my best goalie last season was Craig Anderson so I only kept my 8 best skaters and wisly drafted F. Andersen and Holtby. Won the championship last year and been holding 1st place almost all season.
+1 #10 GMGates 2014-12-22 22:51
Poolies who bought in when Rinne was at 22 on this list are reaping the benefits. FWIW he should have never been there in the first place. Nice to have him "back" in the top five ;).
+1 #9 Moses 2014-12-22 18:41
I made a deal in a dynasty keeper based on the November list.

Thanks guys.
#8 tripel 2014-12-13 14:00
Niemi still that high?
just traded for him and am nervous he's going to lose the job to Stalock. Considering making a play to swap him for Schneider, but according to this list, that's not an upgrade... I also have Varly, who's killing me, and Luo, who's saving me. Cheers...
#7 Lennon 2014-10-03 21:51
Who has the inside track for #1 in Anaheim right now....Gibson or Andersen? Can anyone help me?
#6 donpaulo 2014-09-21 08:37
Rinne with a huge decline. Why he is practically a sleeper at 22 :)
#5 Dobber 2014-09-20 17:33
robmyatt - you have a point, but you are assuming that he is guaranteed to suck. You should pretty much always take the starting goalie with the starter's salary over a backup goalie because he will still be given every opportunity to succeed. That is to say - he has a better chance at 30 wins than your typical backup.

tripel - Bernier is on the list - you need to click the Goalie Post link to see the full list. My cheesy way to get you to check out Goalie Post for starting goalie information.

Tdowg - Bernier, Allen share starts, Ward is just as terrible, and Hiller is on a team that will get 25 wins if they're lucky. Go to Goalie Post for the full list and you will see that they are in the same Tier - and as I note at the top, if they're in the same Tier then they should be considered equal (not "ahead" as you say)
+1 #4 tripel 2014-09-08 20:41
interesting .. Bernier doesnt even make the list. I've been wrestling w him vs Luo as 2nd G behind Varly ... this would indicate Luo by miles, but not so sure...
+1 #3 robmyatt 2014-08-25 19:55
I agree with the Pavelec comment above. A goalie like Pavelec (terrible) has a massive negative impact on your weekly scores. It's mathematically safer (in most formats) to keep him on waivers and dress backups like Stalok, Allen, Talbot, Jones, Remier, etc.
#2 hyperdead 2014-08-22 19:35
I'd love your take on Bobrovsky especially that you've given him tier 1 status while he's on a talentless team.

Am i missing something here?

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