Some rookie camp rosters, why my Guide is so awesome, Hedman still underrated; and more …


Yesterday in the comments someone noted "Don't you think it's a little unfair to dare people to find another guide out there with Devin Setoguchi in the Calgary lineup when you don't have a print deadline to meet?" My answer - yes, it's very unfair. And I'm going to continue not having a print deadline to meet and continue being unfair to the other guides out there. Because I want to give you an unfair advantage in your leagues. Buy it here


Three in a row! It's been a while since I've banged out three ramblings in a row. Even though it's cutting into my 'easy' month where I spend it with the family, and even though hockey news is hard to come by right now - I feel good doing it!


I've been involved in the forum a lot this summer, probably more than any other summer before. And one of the many things I've noticed is the lack of respect for Victor Hedman's fantasy value. I think everyone in the forum believes he's Top 20 and most see him as Top 15… but not too many see him as a Top 10 defenseman. They think he'll get there, yes. But they don't believe he's there yet. I have him seventh in my rankings and I whole-heartedly believe it and act accordingly in trade talks. In fact, in points-only leagues, which those rankings are for - I'd move Keith down a few spots which bumps Hedman up to six.


What do you think of the finalized (I think it's finalized?) Sportsnet Broadcast lineup?


George Stroumboulopoulos (Hockey Night in Canada, NHL on Sportsnet)

Ron MacLean (Rogers Hometown Hockey, NHL on Sportsnet)

Leah Hextall

Jeff Marek

Daren Millard

Play-by-Play Announcers


Bob Cole

Jim Hughson

Dave Randorf

Paul Romanuk


Rick Ball (Calgary)

Kevin Quinn (Edmonton)

Paul Romanuk / Dave Randorf (Toronto)

John Shorthouse (Vancouver)

Game Analysts


Gary Galley

Glenn Healy

Mike Johnson

Craig Simpson


John Garrett (Vancouver Canucks)

Kelly Hrudey (Calgary Flames)

Greg Millen (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Drew Remenda (Edmonton Oilers)

 Studio Analysts and Insiders

Don Cherry (Coach’s Corner)

Damien Cox

Elliotte Friedman

Glenn Healy

Kelly Hrudey

Billy Jaffe

Mike Johnson

Chris Johnston

Nick Kypreos

Doug MacLean

Scott Morrison

Darren Pang

John Shannon

Mark Spector

P.J. Stock

Rinkside Reporters

Cassie Campbell-Pascall

Arash Madani

Roger Millions

Dan Murphy

Scott Oake

Gene Principe

Christine Simpson

Glad to have Romanuk back in the mix, surprised to see Stock brought on board (still not certain what he brings to the table). But this is a solid group.


Remember when Nicklas Backstrom tested positive for a banned substance (his allergy medication) and could not play the gold-medal game of the Olympics? Well, he finally received his silver medal.


I managed to dig up six teams' rosters for the upcoming rookie tournaments in London and Traverse City. Here is:


Tampa Bay - AVIANI, Michael; BLUJUS, Dylan; COSTELLO, Jeff; CURRAN, Kodie; DARCY, Cameron; DeANGELO, Anthony; DIGIACINTO, Cristiano; DOTCHIN, Jake; DROUIN, Jonathan; ERNE, Adam; GUDLEVSKIS, Kristers; IKONEN, Henri; KOEKKOEK, Slater; KUNYK, Cody; MACLISE, Cameron; MASIN, Dominik; NESTEROV, Nikita; PAQUETTE, Cedric; POINT, Brayden; RICHARD, Tanner; SERGEEV, Artem; THOMAS, Ben; VASILEVSKIY, Andrei; VERMIN, Joel;

Minnesota - Olivier Archambault; Jessey Astles;                Brady Brassart; Raphael Bussieres; Reid Duke;   Tyler Graovac; Kurtis Gabriel; Reid Gardiner;     Ryan Graham; Pavel Jenys; Chase Lang; Zack Mitchell; Andrew Ryan;      Ryan Walters; Matt Dumba; Tanner Faith; Christian Folin; Guillaume Gelinas; Alex Gudbranson; Dylan Labbe; Gustav Olofsson; Hunter Warner; Alexandre Belanger; Johan Gustafsson; Brandon Whitney;

Toronto - Forwards

Biggs, Tyler

Bilcke, Ty

Bowles, Parker

Bratina, Zachary

Broll, David

Brown, Connor

Findlay, Brett

Gauthier, Frederik

Hall, Zachary 

Hopponen, Waltteri 

Leivo, Josh

Nylander, William

Philp, Luke 

Rupert, Matt

Rupert, Ryan

Verhaeghe, Carter 

Watling, Patrick


Doetzel, Kayle

Donaghey, Cody  

Finn, Matt

Fraser, Jeremie

Knodel, Eric

Loov, Viktor

Nilsson, Tom

Valiev, Rinat 


Bibeau, Antoine

Gibson, Christopher

Sparks, Garret 

Carolina - Goalies: Daniel Altshuller, Alex Nedeljkovic

Forwards: Alex Aleardi, Clark Bishop, Patrick Brown, Mathew Campagna, Phil Di Giuseppe, Dryden Hunt, Brock McGinn, Brent Pedersen, Victor Rask, Carter Sandlak, Sergey Tolchinksy, Brady Vail, Brendan Woods

Defense: Trevor Carrick, Jake Chelios, Haydn Fleury, Tyler Ganly, Kyle Jenkins, Patrick McEachen, Dennis Robertson, Josh Wesley

Pittsburgh - Features Dumoulin, Harrington, Kapanen, Kuhnhackl, Zlobin, Sundqvist, Jarry and Murray

Sorry for the messy formats - each team had it posted in weird ways that made neatening it up for the ramblings quite a task.


Look for Tom Collin's Puck Daddy debut later today as he goes over some sleepers. And I conclude the week-long run on Puck Daddy tomorrow (Saturday) with fantasy hockey rookies.


Haha - Ryan Kesler's Ice Bucket challenge. Yikes!



#16 toddw 2014-08-29 18:52
haha - I've never posted before, but the Glen Healy comments are so true!

I thought maybe I was the only guy who didn't get it... they just kept giving him more and more air time! Often at the expense of Elliotte Friedman!

+1 #15 Corstyles 2014-08-29 16:10
And Andi Petrillo was either too competent, or too likeable; I'm not sure which.
+1 #14 Corstyles 2014-08-29 16:08
Glenn Healy is there because it's incredible to watch someone be simultaneously clueless and arrogant.

I guess that was enough to bring him along, even though he contributes nothing of hockey or broadcast value.
+1 #13 uberK 2014-08-29 12:39
Sorry, man, Bob Cole is brutal - has been for a few years.
#12 Dobber 2014-08-29 11:01
Quoting Jay1982:
Welll, I asked this in yesterday's ramblings, might as well try it again:

Dobber, where do you get PDO stats from during the season? It seems like it would be a good way to target someone after the first few weeks of the season if they have an unusually low PDO. (I'm unaware if whether or not hockey-referenc e updates their stats regularly during the season.)

From , but I generally don't review them until the quarter pole, because they fluctuate so much early on. So 20 games in, there's your destination
+1 #11 Rodgort 2014-08-29 10:54
I think the sportsnet roster is ok. It would be better if these names were not included and dropped from all hockey related material:
Damien Cox
Marck Spector (Unless you think hits are the only thing useful to the Oilers)
Damien Cox
Glen Healy
PJ Stock
+1 #10 Duck Amuk 2014-08-29 10:31
Yes it is nice seeing Romanuk in the fold.

Elliotte Friedman is quite possibly the most respectfull and knowledgeable hockey guy on the planet.

PJ Stock most useless piece of filler on TV.
+1 #9 Mr Zizzla 2014-08-29 09:47
I must say, Gary Galley and Glenn Healy are probably the two WORST "game analysts" on the planet. They bring nothing to the table and are both Captain Obvious.

i find that Galley's comments are usually off-base and i found him PAINFUL to listen to during the playoffs.

Healy, he's had too many pucks to the head. he wasn't a good goalie and he is an even worse "analyst". HOW DOES HE GET WORK?! he must have something on Cherry/MacLean that would destroy them so he keeps getting dragged along.

I was hoping that Sportsnet would really clean house and get rid of the dead weight but it's pretty much the same.

and DOBBER, keep up the gloating. You kick ass. Your site kicks ass and most importantly YOUR GUIDE KICKS ASS!
Your comments about it are always justified because you are just stating the facts!
#8 Jay1982 2014-08-29 09:13
Welll, I asked this in yesterday's ramblings, might as well try it again:

Dobber, where do you get PDO stats from during the season? It seems like it would be a good way to target someone after the first few weeks of the season if they have an unusually low PDO. (I'm unaware if whether or not hockey-referenc e updates their stats regularly during the season.)
+2 #7 stringer bell 2014-08-29 09:07
Quoting Pit Bulls:

Keep it up Dobber, your timely, humorous and right on analysis is what makes this my first read of the morning - every morning.

Same, every morning!

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