Fantasy Impact: The Winnipeg Jets have acquired forward Michal Frolik from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for third and fifth-round picks in the 2013 draft.




The Blackhawks get: more cap space for the Bickell signing. They have a dozen prospects who are champing at the bit to get into the NHL so replacing little-used Frolik won't be a huge issue.


The Jets get: The Porsche can stop plowing fields! For two years, Frolik has transformed his game into that of a penalty killing checker and a shorthanded threat. But that's because the Blackhawks have been loaded in their top nine. The Jets don't have such a problem and Frolik owners can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A speedy, shoot-first forward who can play center or wing, and now thanks to his experience with Chicago, he is solid defensively. The Burmistrov to the KHL rumors would seem to be true.



Fantasy Players Impacted: Frolik is gone, the Hawks will look closely at Jeremy Morin. Again, as noted with the Bolland trade, there are other prospects in play. But the position open is a depth one for the coming season.


Meanwhile, cha-ching for Frolik owners. I really like this destination, couldn't have found a better fit. Will it work out? We'll know soon enough. But as far as probabilities go, to me the odds are highest that he becomes a 30-goal scorer with Winnipeg.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. M. Frolik

2. Michal F.

3. Some guy with intitials M.F.



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:




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