Fantasy Impact: The Minnesota Wild have acquired winger Matt Moulson and winger Cody McCormick from the Buffalo Sabres for Torrey Mitchell, a round draft pick and a round draft pick.


The Wild get: a 30-goal, 50-point player at best, unless he clicks with a star center in which case (as we've seen) he'd be closer to 40 and 65. Bet on the former. McCormick is just added depth and grit.


The Sabres get: more draft picks as the rebuild continues. Better than losing Moulson for nothing.



Fantasy Players Impacted: Moulson's arrival will see to it that Jason Zucker will be back in the minors when he returns from injury. His departure frees up a spot for newly-acquired Conacher - and that certainly helps his odds.


This deal helps Mikael Granlund tremendously. He has been clicking with Zach Parise, but with Mikko Koivu coming back his spot on that line was in jeopardy. Now with Moulson arriving, Granlund can remain with Parise and Koivu can play with Moulson. This could hurt one of Charlie Coyle or Nino Niederreiter or Dany Heatley. Only so much PP time to go around.



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Granlund

2. Conacher



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Zucker

2. Heatley

3. Coyle

4. Niederreiter



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