Fantasy Impact:Vladimir Sobotka has fled for the KHL. The Blues re-signed Steve Ott instead.

The Blues Lose: A valuable depth scorer and solid commodity in rotisserie pools.

The Blues Retain: A valuable depth scorer and solid commodity in rotisserie pools.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Obviously the biggest loss here is a solid rotisserie guy in Sobotka. He just vanishes from the fantasy hockey landscape. But Jori Lehtera has finally made the jump to the NHL from the KHL so it’s an even swap for the Blues, just maybe not for your fantasy squad.


Lehtera isn’t the same type of player as Sobotka so it won’t be a seamless replacement but he offers more offense, which could be a net positive.


Sobotka skated 16:45 per game with 1:37 on the second power play unit. Those valuable minutes should now go to Lehtera uncontested (though he may not skate on the penalty kill as Sobotka did). He should skate with some combination of Jaden Schwartz, Vladimir Tarasenko and TJ Oshie. Lehtera’s playmaking skills should benefit all involved.


Ott resumes his depth role he had with the Blues at the end of last season. He’ll remain highly productive in rotisserie leagues simply because that’s his nature but any scoring upside is mostly gone. Had he signed with a team that could have used him in the top six then his scoring figures could have crept towards 40. He’s looking like a 20-point guy now.

Fantasy Players this helps, in order:


Jori Lehtera

Jaden Schwartz

TJ Oshie

Vladimir Sobotka

Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

Vladimir Sobotka

Steve Ott

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