Fantasy Impact: The Ottawa Senators have traded pivot Chris Kelly to the Boston Bruins for a second-round pick in this summer's draft.


The Sens get: a Top 60 pick, which isn't too bad...but Boston has so many Top 60 picks that the cost to them was a low one.


The Bruins get: a 30- or 35-point energetic centerman who can also play wing. Kelly is a hard worker and diligent checker.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Kelly may have reached 35 or even 40 points this year in Ottawa. He won't do that in Boston, although he may have an early impact with the usual "new team" adrenalin. If you thought Tyler Seguin was scratched a lot before, boy, wait until you see him now! Kelly's presense could also hurt Gregory Campbell's career fantasy season. Campbell was looking like a 33-point, 110-PIM player. He may not reach either number with Kelly on the scene. There are rumblings that Kelly could be tried on the wing, which will knock Danny Paille down the depth chart.


Peter Regin is the new second-line center in Ottawa. Whether or not he embraces it we'll have to see, but the opportunity is there. The more veterans that get shipped out of Ottawa, the more ice time there is available for the lesser players, no matter the position. So Ryan Shannon, Zach Smith, Bobby Butler, Jesse Winchester, etc. all benefit.


Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Regin

Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Seguin

2. Campbell

3. Paille




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