Fantasy Impact: The Anaheim Ducks sign Dany Heatley to a one-year deal worth $1 million.


The Ducks get: a former 50-goal scorer and NHL superstar who has rather quickly fallen from grace over the last five years:


82 points

64 points

53 points

48 points (pro-rated)

28 points


Normally, a superstar's chart looks like the above as he hits his mid-30s and then approaches 40. But Heatley is only 33 now - so the decline began at 28.



Fantasy Players Impacted: At $1 million, the Ducks and Coach Bruce Boudreau will feel zero pressure to play Heatley through any kind of slump. Nor will he feel pressure to keep Heatley on a line with Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry for any prolonged cold stretches. Meaning - yes, Heatley will start off on that line, but if things don't go well by the eighth or ninth game, he'll sink down the depth chart until he's carrying popcorn over to Bob Murray in the press box.


Heatley has lost a step, for whatever reason. But this move will see him rebound just a little thanks to a pretty good first half. He should be a safe bet to top the 45-point mark, but 30 or even 35 of those points will come in the first half and they will be driven by optimal ice time (high offensive zone starts, plum spot on the big line, etc.). But eventually, Boudreau and the Ducks won't be able to carry him forever. If you want a production comparable, look at Mike Ribeiro from 2013-14 with the Coyotes. If you want another comparable for how he is used by the coach, simply look at last season again but this time with a former Duck - Dustin Penner.


I'm still not drafting Heatley unless he falls to me during the later bench rounds. And if I take him, I'll be quick to shop him in early November. 


This signing hurts the hopes of other wingers - Patrick Maroon, Jakob Silfverberg, Kyle Palmieri, Devante Smith-Pelley and Matt Beleskey - of showing their stuff on the top line. One will eventually take over from Heatley, but the fact that Heatley gets that spot for the first X number of games in the season hurts them early on. Maroon would be the most impacted, as he is completely impotent offensively unless he's on that line. I see lots of press boxes for him early in the year.


This transaction also hurts Emerson Etem, who was probably a safe pick for a roster spot...but now it's up in the air.


The move also impacts Dobber - as he had already finished the Anaheim section of his fantasy guide and has to start all over. Rest assured - Arizona, Boston, Buffalo and Calgary will make some big trades/signings over the next several days as well!



Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Heatley



Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Maroon

2. Etem

3. Palmieri

4. Beleskey

5. Smith-Pelley

6. Silfverberg









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