Image  On my thread, there are a ton of questions, usually revolving a few names across the NHL. Should I drop him now? Is it time to take a risk and make a move for him? Here are the top three players to drop/acquire in the Western Conference.

Three Up

Are you stuck in second place, and are finding it impossible to make up ground? Are you in dead last, and constantly ridiculed by your friends? Here are five players that are a risk, but could help you make that late season surge to win your respective league.

Kronwall  1. Niklas Kronwall – supremely talented, he has been stuck behind Lidstrom, Schneider, and the burden of earning his big contract. He will finish the year on a tear.

3. Marian Gaborik – should be obvious. Extremely talented, he can rack up points in bunches, and will (provided he stays healthy).

4. Scott Hartnell – moved up to the top line with Kariya and Legwand. He is a UFA to be and will want to maximize his value. Look for a great second half.




Three Down

Move these guys while their values are high. Maximizing value is the key to being a shrewd fantasy player.

Langkow 1. Daymond Langkow – Injured Iginla means a less-valuable Langkow. He is a 55-60 point player without Iggy.

2. Jonathan Cheechoo – while many would think he is a candidate for one of the three up positions, I disagree. Cheechoo just is not finishing around the net this year, and while he racked up goals last year, I see this season finishing much like it was during the first half.

3. Ales Hemsky – not sure what is up this year. One of the mistakes I made, as he looked primed to break out after a huge cup run. He has been the same old frustrating Hemsky who shoots when he should pass and passes when he should shoot. Someone get this guy some sense, quickly!

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