The 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to begin only a few short days from now, and what  better way to celebrate than with the 2011 DobberHockey Playoff Challenge! The fine folks over at ArmChairPools are hosting the pool this spring, and it is completely free to enter! Playoff pools require quite a bit of luck (or intuition, whatever you may call it) to win compared to regular season pools, thanks to the fact that the success of the players you pick is heavily dependent on how long their teams stick around.


Don't forget to pick up the 2011 DobberHockey Interactive Playoff Draft List! You check off the boxes of the teams you feel will come out of the first rounds and who will meet in the Final. Click "GO" and this MS Excel spreadsheet will auto-sort for you, ready to print, your draft list. Includes updated injury news, playoff studs and duds, as well as Dobber's own draft list for you to refer to. This is all you'll need to win your playoff pool!


To register:


Click this link, which will take you to the 2011 DobberHockey Playoff Challenge page over at ArmChairPools. Proceed to click SIGN UP NOW.  Enter your name, a log-in name, and then a password and your email address.


Read the terms and conditions (I know the temptation to skip over them will be huge, but it will only take a minute or two), which help to explain more about the rules and scoring system we are using, and then proceed to make your selections.


How it works:


Sign up to select your team


Choose 1 player from each box.


Log in to the pool every day to see the stats and standings.


The individual who has selected the team with the most points at the end of the postseason wins!


The Rules:


Forwards: One per Goal; One per Assist


Defensemen: One per Goal; One per Assist


Goalies: Two per Win; Two per Shutout


And now onto the good stuff!




1st Place: the winner will receive a fully customizable NHL hockey jersey ($225 value), courtesy of Cool Hockey. The team/player is your choice!



2nd Place: the entrant who ends up in second will receive one copy of DobberHockey’s Ultimate Fantasy Pack ($50 value). The Ultimate Fantasy Pack contains:


Dobber's Fantasy Prospect Report 2011 (value $13.95
Dobber's Fantasy Guide 11-12 (value $9.99)
Dobber's Preseason Draft List 11-12 (value $8.99)
Dobber's Midseason Guide 11-12 (value $9.99)
Dobber's Interactive Playoff Draft List 2012 (value $8.99)


3rd Place: A free subscription to Arm Chair Pools


Don't hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions, concerns, or general inquries!


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